SSE (Solid Sky Entertainment) 所属のラッパー/プロデューサー。
Single、MixTape、FreeBeatJack、EPの発表を経て、2015年、ラップ、サウンド、MVのすべてをセルフプロデュースで行った1st Album”Distortion Wolrd”を発売し、多くの関係者やリスナーから次世代のアーティストだと称される。
2017年 4月10日、彼の根底にあるアンダーグラウンドミュージックを、よりポピュラーに進化させた2nd Album”NEONE”を、デザイナー Reless Graphicsとストリートブランド HeART GANGとコラボレーションをし、クラウドファンディング上で発表した。

Born in 1987 in Shizuoka.
Rapper/Producer as a part of SSE (Solid Sky Entertainment)
With powerful lyricism that portrays One’s views on life and rhyme schemes that are akin to the common speech in tandem with dope and the latest sampling sounds that explode with emotion creating a unique live experience.
From Singles, Mix tapes, FreeBeatJack, and EPs, in 2015 released his first self-produced album from the beats, lyrics and the music video titled “Distortion World” Currently many of industry insiders are claiming One to be the next big artist of the next generation.
In the spring of 2017, released his second album with the use of crowd-funding as a USB titled “NEONE”.
With more public exposer, One is definitely an artist that will pick up exponentially in the near future.